Greetings from the La Cloche Art Show

Group of 7 members Casson, Carmichael, Jackson, Lismer and MacDonald all painted, trekked and camped in the La Cloche area and today the tradition continues with the 42nd Annual La Cloche Art Show.

The 2019 show will once again have an exceptional group of talented local and international artists who have captured their subject matter in painting and photography. Visitors will enjoy both the exhibition of art and the beautiful La Cloche scenery.

This is a juried show and sale with work in various media including oil, acrylic, coloured pencil and drawing watercolour, pastel, mixed media, photography and sculpture. Subject matter is varied and it will include art showcasing the La Cloche area made famous by Canada’s Group of 7.

Artists wishing to submit work to be juried will find all of the necessary information on this site.

A warm welcome is extended to everyone to come and visit the show and the beautiful La Cloche area. There is no admission fee to the show and doors are open daily Saturday, June 29 to Sunday, July 7 from  11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Whitefish Falls is located halfway between Espanola and Little Current on Hwy 6.

The 2018 La Cloche Art Show artists were

Marian Barnett
Johanna Beaver
Brigitte Bere
Peter Bering
Mary Lou Bickell
Kalman Biro
Bob Blaney
Penny Bois
Beth Bouffard
Cathy Boyd
Judy Boyd
Michael Brazeau
Marcie Breit
Jon Butler
Susan Cairns
Jill Campbell-Mason
Joan Chivot
Donna Cushing
Marc Denomme
Kathy Dolan
Richard Edwards
Paul Fairman
Jay Favot
Karin Fediw
Kathy Foley
Martin Foley
Dorothy Funk
Sarah Furchner
Andrew Gallagher
Bill Gardner
Danielle Gardner
Tarun Godara
Doug Goodale
Lois Harack
Debra Lynn Ireland
Michael V. Jamieson
Cliff Jewell
Donna Kanerva
Harriet Kideckel
Leslie Kilpatrick
Calvin Knight
Martin Kotyluk
Vic Laberge
Susan Lampinen
Claire Lefebvre
Monique Legault
Ellen Lewis
Beth Allane Lindner
Suzanne Lindsay
Louise Martel
Michelle McAnsh-Gervais
Debbie McKay
Gail Meehan
Theresa Minten
Kerry Mitchell
Linda Mullola
Ronald Nadjiwon
Rochelle Neal
Jane Palmer
Elizabeth Peekstok
Taimi Poldmaa
Sharon Preen
David Read
Dani Lynn Redgrift
Fay Reid
David Ross
Gillian Schultze
Joe Shorthouse
Julieanne Steedman
Paulette Stewart
William Tanos
Victoria Tapper
Colette Theriault
Lionel Venne
Petra Wall
Ruth Wallace
Sarah Warburton
Ivan Wheale
Bill Whittaker
Linda Williamson
Garth Wunsch